Waking up. Two words, thousands of emotions. For many it’s a habit, for others it’s a necessity and for some it’s a pain. The alarm clock marks the beginning of the day, setting the dividing line between the so-called morning people and those who prefer to wake up later in the day.

Whichever category you fall into though, you’ve definitely experienced the discomfort of waking up in the morning after a late night or restless sleep. But what happens when this discomfort is repeated every day? According to scientists, only 10% of people get up with energy in the morning, another 10% are uncomfortable and therefore wake up later in the day, while the remaining 80% balance between the two.

The solution: a structured sleep schedule, which will of course adapt to the needs of everyday life. Find here 8 simple, but life-saving morning routine “rituals” to avoid morning lethargy and start your day with energy and positivity:

1. Have a sleep schedule

We are much more likely to achieve wellness in our lives by having a structured sleep schedule. Many of us are content with 5-7 hours of sleep every day, but the truth is that we need at least 8. We need sleep, not only for rest, but also for cell regeneration, removing toxins from the mind and charging the batteries for the next day.

One hour before you go to bed, imagine that you are going to sleep by thinking about things that relax you. Take a warm bubble bath, read a book or meditate. Put your phone on flight mode and sleep without the distraction of texts, emails and phone calls. Finally, avoid eating too much during the evening hours, as the stomach cannot digest food properly.

2. Don’t snooze

It may be deceiving us, but snoozing is not a good ally. The few minutes of sleep you gain by pressing the button are called “micro-sleep” and block the brain, creating lethargy.

3. Open the window

From the moment you wake up the first thing you should do is let light into your room. Natural light will rejuvenate and energize you.

Morning Routine

4. Take some time for yourself

Depriving yourself of a few minutes of sleep and devoting them to yourself will make a big difference to your state of mind. Take a deep breath, meditate, relax on the balcony or whatever else pleases you.

5. Avoid the screen

While you are relaxing, try to avoid interacting with your cell phone or computer – at least for 30 minutes after you wake up.

6. Hydrate yourself

Consume a glass of lemon water or plain water before you eat every morning. This healthy habit helps with digestion and hydration, while laying the foundation for a day of proper water consumption.

7. Exercise

Starting your day with exercise, such as a few minutes of stretching or even better, a 15-minute leisurely walk in the nearby park, will get your blood flowing and fill you with energy for the rest of the day.

8. Don’t drink too much coffee

Instead of consuming a lot of coffee under the pretext of not waking up otherwise, try including a healthy smoothie with fruits and vegetables in your morning routine. The juice will fill you up, while being rich in fiber and nutrients, balances blood sugar levels and prevents you from eating snacks later in the day.