What would you think if someone told you that just by changing the color of the glass in the packaging, products could last longer? Although it may sound crazy, it has a scientific explanation to back it up. Miron glass or violet glass has been used in a large number of products, with beauty-related products being the ones that use this type of glass the most. Why is that? The violet glass filters the light that enters the container, making the products stay fresh longer and without the need to use preservatives. Companies buy wholesale glass dropper bottles because they can get better prices that allow them to sell an affordable, quality, natural product that does not run the risk of generating any allergies. For example, skin lotions maintain their color and effectiveness over time.

A bit of science

Every organic material is made up of a cellular structure that decomposes over time. Companies that produce personal care products, spices, aromatic oils, among other products, seek to keep this molecular structure intact for as long as possible. Since freezing is not an alternative, crystal violet is used to reduce the amount of light that comes into contact with the organic material, thus slowing down the natural degradation process. In fact, research revealed that a cherry tomato could be kept fresh for up to 6 months in a violet glass jar while it decomposed super-fast in a clear glass or another colored container. In addition, research conducted by Professor Hugo Niggli determined that ultraviolet light has a frequency of 720-770 billion Hertz, which activates and energizes the molecular structure of substances.

Think of the planet

Tons and tons of plastic waste are produced every year, seriously affecting the planet. Glass presents itself as an alternative because you can reuse the containers repeatedly. For example, if you bought a skin lotion in a container made of purple glass, you can use that container to store coffee or tea once the lotion runs out. Just make sure you clean the container well. Does the lotion smell? You can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube that show you how to get rid of odors in glass containers. Think of it this way: You get a natural product that doesn’t cause you allergies and whose physical qualities are maintained longer, then you get a container that you can reuse to keep other products fresh. You take care of yourself as well as you take care of the planet.