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The vet must prescribe GI medicine like Reglan and Propulsid. With small, spherical, agency motions shifting downward, the stomach may very well be massaged. Let the Chinchilla have mild train to assist get their intestine shifting. Make optimistic to supply the Chinchilla with healthful Chinchilla pellets and hay. GI Stasis is attributable to anorexia, stemming from stress, dehydration, ache, accidents, sickness, or blockage.

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Simply present the Chinchilla with many enhanced gadgets and issues to do may assist. To forestall it, give them loads of chew toys and actions.

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To deal with bumblefoot maintain the animal on delicate bedding akin to fleece. Take away any wire or cowl with strong shelving or fleece.

If the issues proceed to happen, then take the Chinchilla to the vet for antibiotics. Chinchillas bloat due to dangerous feeding habits together with excessive treats, greens, fruits, anorexia, or constipation. They’re stretching, have lethargy, twisting, lie flat, or press their abdomen to the underside. X-rays will be taken to search out out if the stomach is full of gasoline bubbles.

They’re urgent to ensure that the roots are usually not overgrow into the jaw or sinus cavities. Their indicators is also obstacle and sorted, however just for a certain period of time. If the tooth are overgrown, the vet can file down the molars or clip the incisors. To forestall it, current many chew toys together with totally different sorts of hay. Some imagine that it is stress, the environment, boredom, or genetics.