Attachment sorts for hair extensions

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Attachment sorts for hair extensions

Since there’s a variety of various kinds of hair extensions, the rules of extension additionally differ. Let’s check out the principle varieties of attachments used for numerous merchandise and even hair extensions.


Hair wefts are created both by hand or on particular machines. Within the handbook creation course of, the hairs are connected to the mesh utilizing knots. When hair tresses are created utilizing particular instruments, the masters use melted keratin, which is absorbed into the hair construction utilizing an ultrasonic system. At this level, the hair strands are machine-sewn right into a strip of 1.5 m size utilizing threads. After that, the completed hair is minimize to type curls.

How is the hair extension process carried out on tress? The hair grasp divides the shopper’s hair into segments and pulls the tight braids on the top. These braids are used to connect complete hair. The strands are secured with tiny elastic bands.

The variety of tresses determines the variety of braids. The primary benefit of this extension is that it may be minimize lengthwise into sections. When the braids are completed, the grasp sews the hair tress onto the braid utilizing a particular thread and a bent needle. When stitching is completed, the ends of the hair extensions are secured with micro clamps.


Hair extensions are initially comprised of ready-made weft and formed into curls. This extension consists of hair connected to a small plastic or metallic barbed fastener utilizing rivets or hand stitching. The variety of pins will depend on the size of the curl.

Earlier than the hair extension process, the hair clips are assembled and sorted by measurement and size. The hair is separated perpendicularly from the part down the shopper’s ear. Clips are used to carry strands of hair in place.

The extension begins from the again of the shopper’s head as follows: the hair on the again of the top is indifferent from the bottom and the remaining is trimmed. If a single clip is used, the grasp applies two wefts to a bit of hair. The space between clips is about 2 inches.


Hair extensions on tapes are often carried out in factories: on this case, the hair is utilized to a sticky polymer or silicone base utilizing a particular glue, after which a skinny, detachable protecting layer is utilized. The traditional tape measurement is 1-1.5 inches (2.5-4 cm), however micro tapes (1-1.5 cm) are additionally obtainable (credit).

When selecting a tape extension of the required shade, the process begins with dividing the hair into segments. The grasp begins to use ribbons to the decrease a part of the top, step by step rising. Hair extensions with bands are very handy and fast and may take as much as quarter-hour.

How is that this carried out? The technician removes the protecting layer from the tape and adheres it to the hair 1 cm (0.4 in) from the roots. After that, one other tape is utilized to the opposite aspect and pressed tightly. Thus, the hair is sandwiched between two separate hair extensions.

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