When it comes to the newest health trends, a woman has gone viral for her weight loss by sticking to a strict raw diet and consistently eating organic and uncooked foods, from raw broccoli to a heart of palm.

Knowing if this is just a viral trend or if this diet is good for your health is a question on everyone’s mind.

What Can You Eat On A Raw Diet?

Think of anything uncooked and unprocessed, mostly organic foods. Your classics, like fruit, raw vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouted grains, are fine; however, if you need something a little warm or full of protein, I am sure unprocessed meats could be added to some of your meals.

Depending on your preference or slowly adjusting yourself to the diet, you could opt for something warm or cold, as long as it doesn’t go above 118 degrees.

You can use blenders, food processors, and dehydrators to prepare your meals.

Benefits of a Raw Diet?

High in Nutrients

A raw food diet is rich with nutrients; as you aren’t cooking anything, all of its goodness stays in all the fruit, nuts and vegetables in every meal. Each meal will be full of a variety of these foods and you will be getting the healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and protein you need daily.

Good For Your Dental Health

With this influx of crisp fruits and raw vegetables like celery and carrots, this food can help clean plaque from teeth and contribute to fresher breath. If you are ever unsure which foods to steer away from, be sure to check in with a local dentist in Solihull to make sure what foods are good for your dental health.

Weight Loss

There have been advocates online who claim a raw diet has helped with their weight loss journey. As raw foods tend to contain fewer calories and plant-based foods are higher in fibre, this can make you feel fuller for longer but contribute to weight loss.

Other Benefits

Some people believe that raw food diets can come with an array of benefits, but while they aren’t scientifically proven, this might just be from person to person as everyone processes foods and diets differently:

  1. More energy
  2. Clear skin
  3. Aids digestion

What Are The Risks?

Raw Meat

There are ways to commit to a raw diet; you can go full whack and only eat raw meats and vegetables, or you can just opt for organic vegetables and cooked meats. If you want to commit to it, eating raw meat can come with some risks, like food poisoning.

Raw Eggs

Salmonella bacteria are present in some eggs, which can cause severe illness.


When it comes to a raw diet after considering the advice from professionals like dentist Cheltenham or your local general practitioner, compromising on cooked meats, eggs and so on that aren’t processed will give you the best of both worlds and you can reap the benefits.