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youth empowerment

Our Mission

Youth Support helps at risk youth develop their emotional,
social, physical, and psychological capacities.


Through the Rainbow Club network that spreads throughout arcenciel centers,
the program offers a wide range of activities, essential to youth empowerment:
sports and recreation, arts and culture, awareness and education.


Established in 2001, cirquenciel became the first circus school
in Lebanon and the Middle East. It promotes intercultural dialogue and helps
at risk youth find a professional path.


  1. The Beginning of the Rainbow Club in Halba

    The youth program begins in Halba, Akkar, when a group of young people asked to use a gym and pool originally intended for people with disabilities. Inspired by their enthusiasm, arcenciel incubates a specific program “for and with young people in Lebanon.”

  2. Expansion of Rainbow Clubs

    Realizing the success of Halba’s youth center, the program opens a Rainbow Club in Beirut (2000), in Taanayel (2002), and in Maasser El Chouf (2003).

  3. Creation of cirquenciel

    After trainings with Cirque du Monde, arcenciel’s youth clubs perfect their circus skills and launch cirquenciel, Lebanon’s first social circus school. cirquenciel promotes intercultural dialogue and helps at risk youth get back on track to success.

  4. Integration nursery and specialized classes in Taanayel

    In Taanayel, the program opens an integration nursery and specialized classes for students under the age of 10 with special needs. Before the program, there was no infrastructure for children living with disabilities in the Bekaa region.

  5. Multidisciplinary work in Kfarnabrakh and founding of the Al Mahabba school

    The program opens the Al Mahabba school in Kfarnabrakh (Shouf) where arcenciel helps integrate disabled children into schools by focusing on the richness of diversity and differences.

    It develops a participatory and multidisciplinary approach to collaboration with a  focus on academic and civic trainings. Parents and teachers collaborate together in crafting custom lesson for their children and students.

    Though the school has closed, it greatly altered the culture of the region, increasing disability awareness within the area’s institutions.

  6. Integration nursery in Damour

    To address the lack of infrastructure and awareness regarding youths living with disability, the program opens a daycare center for integration in Damour.

  7. Rainbow Club Damour

    The Rainbow Club expands again and opens a new branch in Damour

  8. Continual growth for the Rainbow Club

    The Rainbow Club keeps growing and expanding. In 2016, it opens a new branch in Sad el Baouchriyé, the newest arcenciel center


Specialized classes

In Lebanon, there is limited support for children born with disabilities. Created in response to a need in the Bekaa region, arcenciel’s specialized classes began as a prototype.
For more information: 08 544 881 ext: 3121

Integrative Kindergarten

In Lebanon, children with disabilities rarely attend school and are often the victims of intolerance and harassment. Addressing the situation, the program opened small classes tailored to the needs
of disabled children.
For more information: 08 544 881 ext: 3109


cirquenciel promotes a culture of peace through play, physical education and arts, with the aim of providing its beneficiaries with unique sensorial experiences. cirquenciel’s mission is to promote community building through collaborative learning.
For more information: 70 257631

Rainbow Clubs

The Rainbow Clubs provide spaces for open dialogue, relaxation and training for youth. Clubs activities promote peace-building and foster community building. This network of clubs offers a wide range of activities by balancing sports and leisure, art and culture, and education and training.
For more information: 01 495 561 ext: 1312


  • Social Protection for 9 vulnerable municipalities

    January 2016 – January 2018 arcenciel and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) have been carrying out a 24-month long project

  • SAWA – Together for a better future

    January 2016 – December 2016 In 2016, a new partnership under the name of “Sawa: together for a better future”

  • Reducing Host Community-Refugee Tensions Through Street Arts

    August 2015 – December 2015 In 2015, arcenciel and USAID carried out a project to encourage participation in circus and

  • Encourage the development and the integration of disabled children in Beqaa region

    August 2015 – July 2016 Integration in the educational system is one of the many challenges faced by children with

  • Youth Bridging Differences

    January 2015 – December 2015 “Youth Bridging Differences” is a project launched by arcenciel and Diakonia with the aim of



 Contact us

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PO.Box 16.5216, Beirut, Lebanon
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