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Our Mission

Responsible Tourism promotes a culture of peace while protecting
Lebanese heritage and the country’s natural resources.


The program offers a variety of accommodations, restaurants, and adventure activities.


In 2005, Responsible Tourism reproduced a traditional Bekaa village, with earth houses which respect the region’s ancestral traditions. The ecolodge, Khan el Maksoud and Domaine de Taanayel have since become part of the Lebanese tourism landscape


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  1. Opening of auberge Maasser el Chouf

    arcenciel opens the Auberge Maasser El Chouf, a guesthouse located in the stunning natural landscape of Lebanon’s Chouf region. A rejuvenating escape from city life, where guests enjoy stunning hikes, biking and nature activities within walking distance from the hotel.

  2. Launching the Ecolodge de Taanayel

    In Taanayel, the Ecolodge opens its doors as a traditional mud-house lodge constructed in the typical Bedouin style. Both conserving history and offering comfortable accommodations, the hotel provides a natural escape and learning experience to visitors.

  3. Opening of al Khan al Makssoud

    Locally sourced from arcenciel’s farm, the Khan restaurant opens to serve delicious local foods as well as mouneh.  The Khan quickly becomes a favorite amongst the local population and provides nutritious and affordable food in a traditionally designed restaurant.

  4. Managing the Domaine de Taanayel, a partnership with the Jesuit fathers

    arcenciel begins handling and managing Domaine de Taanayel, a 560 acres plot of land that conserves local biodiversity and provides a small natural park for its worldwide visitors.

  5. Agnes Varis center for women empowerment

    arcenciel continues to expands it’s work in the Bekaa, and launches the Agnes Varis center: a vocational training center where at-risk women in the Bekaa valley can learn skills such as cooking, waitressing, and other service skills.


Ecotourism in the Domaine de Taanayel

Property of the Jesuit fathers since 1863, the Domaine de Taanayel is well known across the entire Bekaa. People can spend the day in the Domaine, watching the seasons change, walking around the lakes. They can stroll through the vineyards and forests, and experience nature in a country that has virtually no public green spaces.

Ecolodge de Taanayel

The Ecolodge de Taanayel welcomes visitors to a unique experience.
People can discover a typical Bedouin village, and traditional Bedouin hostelry while enjoying the greenery and delicious locally-sourced organic foods from al Khan al Makssoud.
For more information: 08 544 881 / 03 124 279


  • Agnès Varis Center for Women Empowerment

    November 2014 – November 2017 arcenciel inaugurated the Agnès Varis center for Women empowerment, dedicated to the women of the



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