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Student Community Service Program in Lebanon

High School Community Service / Volunteer Abroad Program

arcenciel Student Community Service is a volunteer abroad program specifically designed for US-based high school students seeking an exciting opportunity in Lebanon. Our culturally rich educational program is designed to open each participant’s eyes to the inner workings of a social enterprise, giving them the opportunity to actively participate in on-going projects, and to forge meaningful connections with underserved and vulnerable communities in Lebanon. Through guided group sessions, students openly discuss their new experiences and, along with their peers, develop ideas and question their surroundings.


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Our participants will visit the arcenciel farm in Taanayel (a zero carbon facility) and learn, first hand, about sustainable economic models. They will milk cows, culture milk into yogurt, make Labneh and cheese, and actively contribute to composting and recycling projects. They will help build traditional mud-brick houses utilizing the local energy-efficient adobe method of the Bekaa valley, and will spend several nights in arcenciel’s eco village lodging where they will be exposed to a forgotten rural life.
Students will also participate in various programs supporting Syrian refugees. They will learn how to juggle with our circus team (Cirquenciel), and visit at risk communities to spread understanding through circus arts.
They will also visit our wheelchair and our ceramics factories, and will work side by side with the disabled persons who largely run them. And last but not least, our participants will hike and bike, and enjoy the beauty of the country.



US-based High School Students grades 9-12

Summer 2018
July 9-13 (5-day program in Beirut)
July 16-20 (5-day program in Taanayel)
July 9-20 (10-day program in Beirut & Taanayel)

July 23-27 (5-day program in Beirut)
July 30-Aug 3 (5-day program in Taanayel)
July 23-Aug 3 (10-day program in Beirut & Taanayel)

5-day or 10-day program:

We are offering students two program lengths on different dates during Summer, 2018.
Students may enroll in the full 10-day program from July 9 to 20, or from July 23 to August 3. The 10 day program covers most of arcenciel’s activities and centers. The first 5 days are in Beirut, the last 5 are in Taanayel.
However, If you prefer a shorter program, students may also choose to participate in the 5 day program only, in Beirut or in Taanayel.
You may request a day to day schedule of each program here: arcencielusa@arcenciel.org

Group size:
4 – 15 (2 leaders)

Beirut and/or Taanayel, Lebanon

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Physical Activity:
The program is based on physical volunteering work and initiatives.  Some of the activities may be strenuous and demanding at times; they are designed, however, with the intention of opening students up to new horizons and comfort zones. Students with disabilities are welcome; please contact us to discuss.

Open Mindedness:
Our program is designed to open students’ eyes to the world and thereby question their own role within it. Touching upon issues of identity, youth, suffering, war, culture, heritage, work and tradition, daily group sessions will be organized by mentors with the goal of encouraging students to ask inquisitive questions and to support one another in their self discovery.  With many of the participants being dual citizens, the program will also touch upon what  this  means to them in terms of identity and heritage. Mentors will be present at all times to help guide curiosity, but the bulk of content and ideas will be custom tailored to each group depending on themes that may develop throughout the week.

The program is divided between two locations: Beirut and Taanayel.
In Beirut, it is recommended that students stay with family or friends. If this is not possible, arcenciel will help place students with a Lebanese host family on a case by case basis, and at an additional cost.
In Taanayel, students will stay overnight with the group leaders at arcenciel’s traditionally and naturally built Ecolodge.

In Beirut, daily lunch will be provided.
In Taanayel, all meals will be provided. Meals are sourced locally from arcenciel’s farm.

Transportation will be provided to students in between centers. Students will have a meeting point every day at Jisr El Wati Center in Beirut and a van will take them to and from other centers. Students unable to reach Jisr ElWati will be assisted by arcenciel on a case by case basis. When in Taanayel, all transportation will be covered by arcenciel.

Upon conclusion of the program, students will receive a certificate of community service from arcenciel acknowledging between 40-80 hours of community service work, dependent on the length of the program.

Registration will be managed through arcenciel’s affiliate office in the USA, 501c3 compliant.


For more information, please email us at: arcencielusa@arcenciel.org