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social support

Our Mission

Social Support helps vulnerable populations in their struggle to integrate society
and personally develop within it..


The program has an employment office, a social support system and a network of clothing and furniture boutiques focused on integrating people back into society.


Since its creation in 1985, Social Support has engaged in field work that identifies community difficulties and provides customs solutions to targeted issues. It plans systematic emergency responses in communities to potential national instabilities.


  1. Community Based Rehabilitation

    One of Lebanon’s first ground-based assessments of community needs, arcenciel’s Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program helps find targeted solutions to community concerns.

  2. Ceramic Workshop

    The ceramic workshop opens. It employs people with disabilities to create and sell hand-made ceramic products. It is one of Lebanon’s first running Social Enterprises.

  3. Placement Bureau opens

    The placement bureau opens with the sole purpose to help people with disabilities find work in Lebanon. It offers people vocational training and focuses on helping them gain financial autonomy.

  4. Launch of the Social Boutique

    The Social Boutique opens its doors to everyone. People can come in to shop for clothing and toys and pay whatever they can afford

  5. Aid to People Fleeing War

    With the onset and influx of Iraqi refugees, the Social Program begins providing crucial services to those fleeing from war. Since then, the program has been continuously providing aid to Lebanon’s vulnerable refugees.


La Brocante

La Brocante upcycles used donated furniture and old household appliances to re-sell them as vintage items at our center in Damour.
For more information contact: 05 602 642

La Boutique

Paying whatever amount they are able to, customers can pick-up clothing and toys at arcenciel’s social boutique. At La Boutique, everyone, regardless of socio-economics or religious background, can shop for themselves and their families.
For more information: 01 889 516

Social Bureau

The Social Bureau helps support people and families in need by providing direct aid or consultations.
The bureau works for everyone and offers its services free of charge.
For more information: 01 565 655 ext: 2113 / 2146

Placement Bureau

The placement bureau supports people with difficulties, both professionally and financially. The placement bureau leverages people’s abilities to help them find work that is satisfying and pays a comfortable living salary.
For more information: 01 565 655 ext: 2150

Ceramics Workshop

arcenciel’s ceramics workshop is an inviting space that employs people with disabilities to mold, design and create handmade ceramic products.
Products are custom made and sold throughout the country for profit.
For more information: 01 565 655 ext: 2145


  • Improving living conditions of disabled Syrians refugees and hosting communities in Lebanon

    1st February 2018 – 1st October 2018 Improving living conditions of disabled Syrians refugees and hosting communities in Lebanon Satisfy the health needs of the refugee and

  • Strengthening a sustainable and innovative social solidarity network in Lebanon for most economically vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese populations

    June 2016 – June 2017 The new collaboration project between arcenciel and OCHA aims to increase the accessibility of clothing

  • Winterization projects in partnership with UNICEF

    December 2014 – January 2015 and February 2015 – April 2015 “Winterization” is a series of projects carried out by

  • GET (Get Employed and Trained)

    December 2012 – October 2015 This project called “Training, Orientation, and Employment” is a partnership between arcenciel and the European



Contact us

Jisr el Bacha Center

John Kennedy St, Jisr el Bacha, Sin el Fil,
PO.Box 16.5216, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: 961.1.495561 Ext.1325
Fax: 961.1.512107