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Youth Bridging Differences

January 2015 – December 2015

“Youth Bridging Differences” is a project launched by arcenciel and Diakonia with the aim of guiding young marginalized people towards a peaceful future in Lebanon.

Young men and women from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds are given the chance to meet and participate in various activities held at arcenciel’s centers.

Those activities include:

-cultural workshops

-sustainable development trainings

-summer camps sessions on peace-building

-4 community actions

-5 awareness-raising campaigns

-6 therapy focus groups for parents and rainbow club animators.


The project seeks to stimulate the youth’s curiosity, encourage them to act towards their local community, and raise awareness about peace-building and multiculturalism.

Moreover, it has provided an empowering tool for parents and rainbow club animators to communicate peacefully and deal with younger generations in a more comprehensive way.

The project started on January 1, 2015 and has so far resulted in:

-the participation of 216 youths in 19 different workshops across Beirut, Damour, and Halba

-the participation of 128 youths in peace-building trainings that taught them skills touching upon acceptance of others, non-violent communication, and sustainable development

-the coming together of 34 youths from different regions of Lebanon, during a 2-day “Building Peace Together” camp

-the integration of 76 youths from different backgrounds in 2 summer camps

-the conduction of 6 community actions by 17 youths, targeting over 1,000 community members

-the training of 30 animators in peaceful communication, enabling them to help younger generations facing difficulties

-the participation of 110 parents in focus groups, enabling them to better express and understand their children’s problems

-the gathering of over 186 young people at 4 “international days”