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Strengthening Youth and Female Leadership in Local and National Decision-Making Processes in three MENA Countries

March 2015 – July 2017

“Strengthening Youth and Female Leadership in Local and National Decision-Making Processes in three MENA Countries” is a new project carried out by arcenciel and ACTED, that aims to push towards policy changes in Lebanon.

Women and youth coming from over 12 Lebanese municipalities are trained in environmental activism and policy-making involvement through advocacy campaigns.

Funded by the EU, the project has for goal to produce policy and strategic implementation plans to support and strengthen the country’s strategies and legislations regarding the environment and solid-waste management.

The project is expected to encourage 1,000 youth and women (Lebanese people and Syrian refugees) to participate in trainings, building and advocating for an alternative solid waste management strategy in 30 communities.

In addition to this, the involvement of youth and women CSOs in policymaking will be reinforced at both the national and local level by establishing a structured dialogue with authorities, the EU, and key national and international stakeholders.

The above results are achieved through five different activities:

Activity 1: Establishing a national steering committee running on a quarterly basis to publish a baseline assessment and stakeholder analysis.

Activity 2: Holding 30 training sessions and capacity buildings in different targeted communities.

Activity 3: Creating 30 environmental community-support groups in the targeted districts.

Activity 4: Launching a local and national environmental advocacy group to support the drafting of a new legislation on waste-management.

Activity 5:  Declaring the results of the 2 national workshops, involving beneficiaries, decision makers, visibility and communication.

This project will help in creating a network (including youth and women) that will be able to take action in the national policy-making process.

Due to the Lebanese waste crisis in July 2015, arcenciel was urged to meet the needs of the Lebanese community.

Therefore arcenciel participated in 6 steering committees that were held after the crisis, gave 129 training sessions in different communities targeting 3,184 people, launched 171 community support initiatives so far reaching more than 47,190 community members, and supported more than 69 Lebanese municipalities in the launch of advocacy initiatives at local and national level.