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Agnès Varis Center for Women Empowerment

November 2014 – November 2017

arcenciel inaugurated the Agnès Varis center for Women empowerment, dedicated to the women of the Bekaa region.

Agnès Varis was a successful entrepreneur, she founded several pharmaceutical companies while being an example of support to women in entrepreneurship. After she died in August 2011, the Charitable Trust Agnès Varis was created to spread her passion for women’s rights, people in need, animal rights and arts.

In 2014, Agnès Varis Trust’s funds to arcenciel has allowed the creation and execution of a new project that prospects to change the lives of many women in the Bekaa region. A specialized center in Taanayel has been built in order to train women in need in different fields such as hotel and catering services: restaurant service, booking management, mouneh (long lasting organic foods)techniques.

This training helps them in the long term as it comprises both theory and practical exercises. It is designed for trainees to develop their skills and achieve their social and financial autonomy.

The center welcomes about ten women for trainings that evolve according to their progress every month.

The first line of mouneh (kabis, jam, sauce…) is sold in the Khan al Makssoud since August 2016.