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Our Programs

Agriculture and Environment

The Sustainable Agriculture and Environment program uses technological innovation to responsibly draw upon natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

The program manages the Domaine de Taanayel, a plot of land 2.3km2 in size, that pioneers sustainable agriculture in the region. It runs nearly exclusively on solar energy, produces the only natural biopesticides in the region and streamlines fertigation - an irrigation system that injects water soluble fertilizer into crop water.

The program addresses environmental concerns through a wide range of activities and institutions. It conducts awareness and training sessions on environmental responsibility, runs secondary waste sorting centers and treats hazardous hospital waste.


Mobility and Health participates in the social reintegration of people in need, focusing on those living with disabilities.

It supports people through their entire recovery process by providing diverse health consultations, distributing mobility equipment and adapting living spaces.

In 1994, Mobility and Health created the division “Accès et Droit” within the Ministry of Social Affairs. The division single-handedly passed governmental policy, Law 220, that financially and socially protects all Lebanese disabled people.

social support

Social Action helps vulnerable populations in their struggle to integrate society and personally develop within it.

The program has an employment office, a social support system and a network of clothing and furniture boutiques focused on integrating people back into society.

Since its creation in 1985, Social Action has engaged in field work that identifies community difficulties and provides customs solutions to targeted issues. It plans systematic emergency responses in communities to potential national instabilities.


Responsible Tourism promotes a culture of peace while protecting
Lebanese heritage and the country's natural resources.

The program offers a variety of accommodations, restaurants, and adventure activities.

In 2005, Responsible Tourism reproduced a traditional Bekaa village, with earth houses which respect the region’s ancestral traditions. The ecolodge, Khan el Maksoud and Domaine de Taanayel have since become part of the Lebanese tourism landscape.

youth empowerment

Youth Support helps at risk youth develop their emotional, social and psychological capacities.

Through the Rainbow Club network that spreads throughout arcenciel centers, the program offers a wide range of activities, essential to youth empowerment: sports and recreation, arts and culture, education.

Established in 2001, cirquenciel became the first circus school in Lebanon and the Middle East. It promotes intercultural dialogue and helps at risk youths reintegrate educational and professional paths.