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Summer awareness program 2018


arcenciel Summer awareness program is a volunteer program specifically designed for high school students seeking an exciting opportunity in Lebanon. Our culturally rich educational program is designed to open each participant’s eyes to the inner workings of a social enterprise, giving them the opportunity to actively participate in on-going projects, and to forge meaningful connections with underserved and vulnerable communities in Lebanon. Through guided group sessions, students openly discuss their new experiences and, along with their peers, develop ideas and question their surroundings.


Week 1 (Beirut)
Day 1: Jisr El Wati: doing ceramics
Day 2: Jisr El Bacha: learning how to plant and different weathers for each plant we grow on our rooftop
Day 3: Damour: upcycling old furniture
Day 4: La Boutique Bauchrieh: Painting a wall in the Rainbow club
Day 5 : Cirquenciel: Helping with the center and learning a few tricks!

Week 2 (Taanayel, Bekaa)

Day 6:  tour of the Domaine on bikes + visited the Laiterie, and all the different entities

Day 7: making mud bricks

Day 8: helping out at the kindergaten,

Day 9: making their own mankoucheh and visited Anjar

Day 10: workshop on search and rescue

And if you are wondering how the summer awareness program went, here’s a video showing the two weeks spent in Taanayel and Beirut.